Foodstuffs Inbound

Foodstuffs Inbound (Ltd) is the entity created to negotiate, implement and manage the Foodstuffs primary freight inbound programme. Foodstuffs Inbound is responsible for introducing suppliers to the programme and assisting them through the implementation process.

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Foodstuffs Inbound was formed in August 2008 with the Foodstuffs-owned transport providers as the shareholders. Our transport partner shareholders are TSI Logistics and FSNI Transport Limited 


Foodstuffs Inbound Delivers

Foodstuffs Inbound delivers a world-class supplier to customer transport solution using:

  • A national fleet of over 350 Foodstuffs-owned vehicles.
  • Transport providers currently handling volumes of over 21,000 tonnes per week.
  • A very competitive rate schedule.
  • Highly accessible customer service with transport partners through a single phone number, 0800 INBOUND (0800 462 686)
  • A web based 'track and trace' system called eCargo, developed and used by the Carter Holt Harvey Group.
  • An experienced operational management team.