FIN Benefits

The Opportunity for Foodstuffs

New World

The inbound initiative will allow Foodstuffs to:

  • Improve on shelf availability of products to consumers.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles arriving at distributions centres, wholesale operations and member stores.
  • Improve supply chain visibility and cost transparency.
  • Develop and implement effective scheduling systems that will meet or improve current scheduling effectiveness.
  • Help establish best practices with suppliers.


Emissions Reduction Objective

The inbound initiative will also aim to:

  • Reduce the number of trucks handling Foodstuffs inbound freight.
  • Use route-planning to achieve greater fuel efficiency.
  • Shift appropriate volumes on to rail to further reduce road traffic and emission.


Benefits for Suppliers

The primary freight initiative also has many benefits for suppliers:

  • Improved delivery frequency and on shelf availability into all stores and distribution centres.
  • Removal of the administration, risk and cost associated with managing transport activity.
  • No longer necessary to manage booking times with distribution centre, this is taken care of for you.
  • A collaborative partnership opportunity enabling better forecasting.Complete visibility and tracking of each and every order through eCargo (installed free for suppliers by Foodstuffs Inbound).
  • 0800 INBOUND and email service for supplier enquiries.
  • Simplified financial processing and online invoicing.
  • No investment required: Foodstuffs Inbound will provide all systems infrastructure plus an operations manager as an ongoing contact for each supplier.