New World Direct

Go direct and get results!

New World Direct is a direct marketing tool to help New World's suppliers make more sales, launch new products, cross sell a new range, reactivate customers and more. Whatever your goals, they're obtainable with New World Direct.

New World uses transactional data captured on Fly Buys cards at the POS to drive direct marketing campaigns. Fly Buys is the largest consumer database around; over 70% of households have an account. New World has over 1.3 million transactions annually and 70% of all sales in terms of value are linked to Fly Buys cards.

We offer the data mining and direct marketing expertise that will help you connect with customers. So even if you're looking for 30-35 year old women who shop at New World and consume more blue cheese a week than you thought humanly possible, we'll help you find them.

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